3 Misconceptions About Sexy Women

You Can’t Judge A Woman By Her Curves

I realized something in Los Angeles that I don’t think I would have figured out in my hometown of Toronto, Ontario. Wanna know what I discovered? Dumb question… I know. I figured out that the key to being beautiful, sexy and admired is to believe and own the fact that you are beautiful, sexy and admirable!

What? No, my revelation is not underwhelming, it’s profound! I’m sharing a secret with you that you would not have otherwise known. It’s clear that there is a misconception surrounding sexy women because we go stir crazy on Instagram for the long-haired, curvy, model with 10,000 likes but then we convince ourselves that she must be dim-witted, shallow and faking the funk.

We listen to rap songs that remind us that women are meant to be sexual objects and that they serve no real purpose beyond eye-candy. You voted Kendal Jenner the second hottest woman in the world. Like why? It’s about time we celebrate the sexy scientists, engineers, chefs, breadwinners, mothers and deep thinking women who are beautiful and not just physically attractive but mentally and spiritually too.

In the following video, I explain that there are 3 Major Misconceptions that are holding women back from embracing their sexy. It’s important that we squash these so women can regain their rightful power.

1) They are begging for attention.

Sensuality is a power that women posses, it part of their essential nature as women. Embracing that is not an invitation to abuse or harass a woman, it’s a symbol of her confidence, strength and power.

2) They are unintelligent and have no real goals.

It’s a fallacy that looking good means you’re dumb, the whole Kelly Bundy, Hilly Banks stereotype should be banned from modern day representations of women, we know today that women can be beautiful, smart and sexy.

3) They are easy and sleazy.

There is no correlation with that you look like and your promiscuity. Sexual behaviours are learned and many women already know that they have the power of “no.” That they deserve only the best and that their body is a temple that not even Rick O’Connell could explore. We need to teach our daughters that our bodies are the most sacred artifacts and to care with them with pride.

Women, its time to be sexy, make waves, grab attention and turn it into something beautiful and impactful so that we can leave a legacy of brilliance for our future generations.