4 Budget-Friendly Tips For Single Parents Vacationing On Their Own

Single parents do not often get the opportunity to take vacations alone. Time for relaxing and self care is vitally important, but it can be hard to take the time away from kids and justify money spent on a trip that does not include the whole family. However, there are ways to get some good deals on solo travel and the rewards are worth the effort.

There are ways to avoid the ‘single supplement’

As Solo Traveler World notes, more and more people are traveling alone and the travel industry is taking notice. People traveling on their own used to find it difficult to find deals, especially when many aspects of vacationing are designed for groups or pairs. Now, single parents looking for an economical adventure have a variety of options to pursue.

Many solo travelers run into budget issues due to what is called the “single supplement.” This refers to the additional amount that singles pay in comparison to the price for double occupancy. This pops up with hotels, cruises, and package tours and it can be a budget-breaker for single parents anxious to have some time alone.

Keep an open mind to open up a world of options

The New York Times shares that some people look for opportunities to be matched up with a roommate in order to avoid the single supplement. There are tour companies, websites, and message boards that facilitate this partnering effort, and it can save a single parent some money if they are feeling adventurous and outgoing. However, this is not going to be a fit for every solo traveler.

Flexibility can help you find solo travel deals. Flight prices vary depending on the time of the year and hotels and cruises adjust their rates depending on the season. If you can avoid holidays, school breaks, and summer vacations, you may be able to score an economical dream vacation.

The travel industry is learning to embrace solo travelers

Being flexible also comes into play as you choose a vacation destination. If you keep your options open, you may stumble upon a deal that is too good to pass up to a location you may have overlooked otherwise. Keeping an open mind can also lead you to deals via tour companies that go the extra mile to create fabulous experiences for solo travellers.

Cruises have been notorious for hitting singles hard when it comes to pricing. However, the Telegraph details that some cruise lines are changing their tune and making some single cabins available. For example, Norwegian Cruise Line has added single studio staterooms to some of their newer ships and they even have a lounge created specifically for their solo cruisers.

Pamper yourself to reinforce your self-discovery efforts

Solo travel can be especially rejuvenating if you are working through an especially trying time, such as addiction recovery. It is not easy to find the time and energy for self care and relaxation as a single parent. However, neglecting your needs can lead to trouble in your own healing process. The self-discovery and healing that take place when you allow yourself time away is hugely beneficial, and for some can be lifesaving. Once you treat yourself to a vacation alone, you will likely find yourself feeling fresh and relaxed, ready to face your everyday challenges again.

Traveling by yourself as a single parent provides a chance to pamper yourself while taking a break from your hectic life. Vacationing on your own doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, as some creativity and flexibility can guide you to a fun trip that is catered to single travelers. Keep an open mind about the possibilities and give yourself the chance to get away without the kids so you can relax and focus on yourself for a brief time.

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Written by Julie Morris