What does a business coach do? With Carolyn Dickinson

It’s Ok to Ask For Help…

The right business coach can directly or indirectly help you with:
• Clarifying your mission and goals
• Meeting your deadlines
• Stopping procrastination
• Getting more customers
• Making more money overall
• Implementing better systems
• Becoming a better leader
• Adjusting your limited thinking
• Getting motivated
• Getting noticed online
• and even more…

Every business coach offers a slightly different kind of service, the key to choosing a business or career coach is finding someone with a personality that is complimentary to yours. Also, you want to ensure that the skill they possess is going to enhance your bottom line – which should be to succeed in business.
If you are excellent at time management, organization and self-motivation, you may not need a business coach that helps you stop procrastination but you may need a career coach who can help you clarify your goals so that you spend your time on the most efficient tasks. Take the time you need to feel out your coach. Ask them questions about their area of expertise and get client testimonials and references.
I am really starting to see the benefit of having guidance and support from a coach and I’m one stubborn cookie to work with. I had taken classes before but I didn’t really see the value until I met Carolyn Dickinson at an event she founded called, “I Am The Boss” and her confidence absolutely blew me away. Carolyn is an International Success Coach for Entrepreneurs, a Trainer, Speaker and Author as well as a wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls.

She knows first hand what it takes to build and run a successful business and still take care of those who matter to us the most. Caroline;s area of expertise is helping individuals find clarity as the challenge she finds with entrepreneurs is that they think they are clear on what they want to do, but when they really start to break it down and examine the overall process they have in place, they don’t really know what they want or how to get it. Carolyn loves working with entrepreneurs who want to turn their passions into profits while integrating the demands of family life.

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