Why Casey Founded Toronto Relationships

She Started the Conversation, ‘How do we Improve Relationships’

If you just landed on this site not knowing what it was, we hope you’ve connected to some of the articles and videos written, produced, and curated over the past three years. The founder, Casey-Anne Bradfield started this blog in 2013 during a rough patch and many of the earliest posts have to do with the family dynamic. Here’ s a link to an article she wrote on Broken Families http://torontorelationships.com/broken-families-at-a-disadvantage/.

Three years later and Toronto Relationship continues to create a sharing space on the internet. Casey’s also taken her desire to improve relationships to another level, she’s created a business that is dedicated to providing individuals with the tools and resources to choose to become their best versions of themselves. She’s officially entitled herself a ‘self-actualization facilitator’ and she is now opening up about her life and why she had chosen the path she has.

Casey’s seen it all being raised in the inner city of Toronto, and she’s dealt with some extreme personal challenges but the most important thing Casey discovered before she founded Toronto Relationships was that there were far too many people around her with similar life experiences. The majority of the men and women she has met were physically and sexually abused at some points in their lives and this fact has severely affected how they relate to people and how the expressed love.

Casey is hoping to change this by providing a space for others to understand that they are not alone and that they can learn to live a happy life and love again.

Watch the video to hear more about Casey’s personal journey, how she became an author, the founding of Toronto Relationships, and what she’s up to now.

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