Dealing With Stupid People


There’s a special art to dealing with “stupid” people. Now some of you are going to read this and be immediately offended by my use of such a degrading term… Normally I would exercise extreme sensitivity and tip toe around the fact that making questionable decisions should never define a person – yada yada and all that good stuff.

Today however, my patience has run thin and my “tell it like it is” radar is in full effect. It all started when I extended a growth opportunity to a young business woman whom I thought showed some promise in regard to her work ethic. I invited this young lady to work alongside me and attend a couple private meetings surrounding funding and sponsorship with the project’s main funder.

The girl seemed appreciative of the opportunity and I was proud to have shared the learning experience with her. In the midst of our budding working relationship, I paid the girl to assist me in my portion of the project as a subcontractor at a rate of $50/hour for 20 hours of work. Let’s just say that I wanted to compensate her well for what I hoped would be great work. I was also hoping to build a long-term working relationship.


I was utterly surprised when she turned around and invoiced me for attending the meetings where she had already gained so much rare insight. I definitely should have sensed the red flags at this point but my kind-hearted nature encouraged me to overlook the irritation brewing within.

Ignoring the signs, I continued to work with her and paid her in full for a job I truly could have done myself had time permitted. Still what I gained in time, I lost when she did the dumbest thing I could have never imagined.

The idiot, who was well-compensenated for her work, decided it was a good idea to sneak around and approach the client directly for private sponsorship. If that weren’t bad enough, she ignored our signed confidentiality agreement and decided it prudent to name drop the corporation to which she was subcontracted under to gain leverage for her own pursuits.

Dumb…dumb… dumb… there’s no other word I can find to describe her actions, except perhaps conniving, greedy or selfish. Her actions jeopardized a good relationship between the client and the corporation and made me look like a naive fool. Yes, I’m still a little bitter but you’ll be glad to know that I didn’t call every person I know to spread the word of this integrity lacking, new business woman. No, instead I made this video, took a deep breath, accepted my losses and moved on. I took the high road.

If you’re dealing with a situation and you need advice on taking the high road, comment below and I’ll be happy to go through the motions with you. Taking the high roads is never an easy choice but if you are on the road to enlightenment, it’s the only choice.