Melanie Fiona Speaks About Emotional Disconnect after Pregnancy

If you’re expecting a baby or planning for one, watch this

“There were times that I looked at myself and I did not feel like myself…”

Mothers don’t often speak aloud about dealing with feelings of disappointment after birth or the realities of motherhood. In this passionate video, Canadian National Recording Artist, Melanie Fiona speaks about emotional disconnect after pregnancy. Having enjoyed performing in front of sold out shows, and living a glamorous life in the lime light, she explains the physical and emotional challenges she faces as she transitions into motherhood.

In this video, she discusses:

  • The difference between what you read about parenting versus what actually happens
  • How you can never really be prepared for motherhood
  • How child rearing is not easy
  • The importance of being willing to share the experience of motherhood
  • The real experience of motherhood
  • How much weight she gained after pregnancy
  • Coping with Body changes
  • Being in the public eye and how to recover accordingly

For the mothers who are reading this: What was the most difficult thing you had to face regarding childbirth?