Style & Self-Esteem

Fashion Tips with KYJO at I Am the Boss 2016

“Our goal is to bring people forward, not to bring clothing items forward”

– Jonathan of KYJO

On Wednesday May 11, Style, Personal Development, Business Development and Motivational speakers from across Canada presented at I Am the Boss 2016.

At the event, I got the opportunity to interview a fantastic stylist team, Kylie and Jonathan of KYJO. In this exclusive interview Kylie and Jonathan share fashion tips, secrets on how they succeed as fashion consultants, explain the relationship between style and self-esteem, discuss principles of style and more.

Watch the video above to learn how to unleash the power that great fashion can give you.

We want to hear from you, have you ever been complimented on your style, and if so, what were you wearing and how did the compliment make you feel?

About KYJO

KYJO is a Personal Brand Development Boutique that empowers clients to discover, clarify, and express their personal brand authentically. In both your business and personal life, online and offline, your personal brand reflects who you are, and how other people see you. Whether a Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Sales or Account Manager, C-Level Executive, Media Personality…or just someone looking for a boost in your life, KYJO can help you develop your message and ensure that it is consistent wherever you are.


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