How to get Teyana Taylor’s Adored Body Type

I don’t care who she is but I want her body…

If you’re like me and you’re not up-to-date on the who’s who in the world of celebrities, than you probably had no idea who the gorgeous glimmering body in Kanye’s new ‘FADE’  video that premiered at the MTV MMVAs 2016 belonged to. You probably didn’t know that she is a recording artist and a judge on the 2015 season of America’s Best Dance Crew – All Stars, and now that you know, all you really care about is how you get a body like hers?

Although much attention hasn’t been released in the media about her dance career, it’s clear that Teyana is a professionally trained dancer and she’s really freakin good at it. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that dancing has a lot to do with her stellar physique, but what type of body does she have?

If we take the 25 year old’s body at face value and assume that she hasn’t had work done (can we really assume that about any celebrity nowadays?), than it’s clear that there are some very sensual curves on her. At the same time, she is distinctly muscular with some great ab definition. What body type can naturally sustain good fat in the bust and glutes, but retain muscle definition in the stomach area?



We’ve all heard about the famous hourglass body type where the width of your shoulders are just about equal to the width of your hips and you have a defined, and often small waistline. In her professional pictures, Teyana looks very curvy, although in some photos Teyana does seem a to be closer to a square body type, she is likely a blend of the two.  I’m not a fitness trainer but I’ve recently become interested in understanding natural body types and how to compliment your natural features by better understanding you, if you want to know more about how to find your body type, read THIS article.

If you have the Mesomorph body type or a combination of this body type and another body type, the important thing to know is that maintaining your beautiful Teyanna-like fitness is about diet and exercise. I found some cool information on this at but there are so many perspectives on how to eat and exercise that I implore you to treat this info with a grain of salt and do what works best for you.

If you just want abs and a booty, Lyzabeth Lopez, owner of hour-glass fitness has these tips for you:



Sorry there are no short-cuts for how to get Teyanna’s Body Type:

  • Regular Fitness and cardio (dancing, sports, etc)
  • A Good Diet
  • Strategic weight/resistance training exercises
  • Give your body time to get lean from cardio and diet
  • Do strategic resistance training for your gluteus area to rebuild muscle and fat in your bum

While we hum and haw over Teyana Taylor’s gorgeous body, let’s stop and appreciate our own natural beauty, whether you have an hour-glass shape or not! Curvy bodies may be all the rage but pear and rectangle shaped bodies can be just as, or even more flattering. We shouldn’t all fit one prototype, that would be plain boring. In fact, we probably don’t, our body types most likely overlap, and Teyana’s body type is likely part Ectomorph and part Mesomorph and that’s totally ok! I just want you to love yourself and know that at the end of the day you are perfectly imperfect and that’s a good thing!