Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

Getting married is indeed expensive. Considering all the items that you need to buy plus the food, venue, and other expenses, you might have to use up all your savings. Of course, for a once in a lifetime moment, you won’t feel bad about spending everything you have.

For those who have no problems when it comes to the expenses, there are cities in America where you can get married and splurge. The total minimum cost is quite high, but they truly deserve the price. If you want a magical wedding like never before, these options are perfect for you.


There are couples who get married secretly to avoid the huge costs. There are those who are willing to shell out a few thousand dollars just to have a decent wedding. For these cities, you might have to spend a minimum of $40,000 just to experience what they have to offer.

The best part is that each option on this list has something unique to offer. From the spectacular view at Santa Barbara, California to the luxurious reception options at Manhattan, New York, you will most likely have a hard time choosing which one is perfect for you.

If money is not a problem, perhaps you can just choose based on your preference and that of your partner. If money is an issue but you still want to get married in these cities, you can take a look at the cheaper alternatives. For those who really can’t afford getting married there, considering other options won’t hurt.

Below is a list of all these places you can choose to get married in the US if you are willing to spend a lot of money. You will not regret getting married in these places once you experience how magical it is.

Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

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