Women in Relationships vs. women Single

There’s something about relationships that makes you want to get comfortable, eat everything, watch Netflix and become lazy beyond belief.  Then as soon as the relationship ends, like the spell has been lifted, you are back to normal. Suddenly working out four times a week, wearing the hottest clothing you own, and taking yourself out to regular spa dates replaces the old hum drum relationship routine.

Why do we do this? Why can’t we maintain our own sense of self maintenance, pleasure and preservation whilst being in a committed and long term relationship? 

We are certainly capable of it, we’ve all seen couples who are committed to working out together like Simeon Panda and Chanel Coco Brown and the couples who make it a priority to boost one another’s public image like Meagan Good and Devon Franklin. Surely if we set a standard for our relationships we can stay productive, slim and avoid boredom, but it takes a proactive commitment to being exciting, sexy, and open to new things.

What are some of the ways you keep your relationship exciting?