Young Entrepreneur’s New Photography App Protects You From GWCs

If you’ve ever had a creepy experience with a photographer who seemed to be more interested in you, than taking your photos, this app is for you!

Back in 05′ I spent some time as a freelance model and boy oh boy was that a big mistake for me! I made minimal money freelancing and I seemed to be running into every GWC (guy with camera) in Toronto. GWCs are men or women who purchase a camera, have little to no experience with ‘Exposure’ or ‘Aspect Ratios’ or other photography basics, and instead they prey on attractive women and use their photos to make personal memories. Let’s just say, I quickly decided that freelance modelling wasn’t the way to go for me (this was before Instagram modelling became a thing).

If you have never had this problem, good on you, but chances are you’ve had a slightly different one, you spent money on someone who you were recommended to and were extremely disappointed when your wedding photos came out dark, dull and dingy or when the photos of your little bundle of joy had absolutely no joy in them. Yikes!

Well, I’m excited to say that when Galaxy Photoz launches this June, you won’t have this problem.

  • The photographers at Galaxy Photoz are vetted. They have to go through a 2-step rigorous qualification process and only the best are selected. Not only that, photographers are focused on 2-3 types of photography that they specialize in (and are actually good at).
  • The images are guaranteed. You don’t even have to pay in full until you see and approve your photos. For non-event photography, by chance, if something goes wrong, another photographer will re-take your photos free of charge.
  • Your deposit is safe with Galaxy Photoz. Like UBER, Etsy, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces, your payment is going to a secured middleman until you receive your images.

28 year old Leanne Ferguson, realized that there was a need for a photography app where you could simply download an app or go online and be connected to a vetted professional photographer within minutes. Leanne’s an ambitious entrepreneur and she decided to go big or go home and is launching her new app in 10 cities in North America, “launching in 1 city can be difficuilt but launching in 10 is going to take a lot of resources, so I am raising money to pull this off,” she shares.

Her crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo can be found at

The new app launches June 2017, the photographers specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash, Headshots, Engagements, Wedding, Events, Model Portfolio and Portraits.

Support this project on Indiegogo today and get some really cool perks while they last.